Posted by New Hanover Presbyterian GS

The Gospel of John records the story of the ‘Woman Caught in Adultery.’ Imagine the scene: the woman is thrown down in the dirt before Jesus, with angry priests shouting accusations at her. Now imagine that you are among the disciples, watching this unfold.

How would you respond? Would you have attempted to rescue her? 

As you stand there, perhaps you remember the earlier words of Jesus, where he states that the great command is to love God and love neighbor. But is she your neighbor? Yes, she has made mistakes, and done damage to herself and those around her. But does that make her worthless? Is it ever appropriate to leave people in the dirt? After all, they are  made in the image of the God you worship…and surely, this defines them as ‘valuable’ to God…and if God has called them ‘valuable,’ then dare we do less?