CARITASlogo_3cHigh transparentThe group usually consists of about 40 people and can consist of men, women or families depending on the week. It is a tremendous group effort in that the church provides approximately 560 meals and 280 packed lunches as well as providing laundry opportunities, personal hygiene items, supervision of overnight needs as well as evening programs to make our guests feel welcome. New Hanover Presbyterian considers this one of our highest callings as Jesus reminds us in Matthew 25: 35 “ For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…”

CARITAS mission statement: CARITAS helps our most vulnerable neighbors break the cycles of addiction and homelessness to reclaim their dignity.

Upcoming Caritas event: April 29- May 6, 2017

Calling all volunteers that are interested in helping combat homelessness in our community. New Hanover Presbyterian Church will be hosting the ladies from CARITAS.  There are so many ways to serve!  We are asking for volunteers to serve, donate and pray for a successful week.  Please visit our Sign Up Genius to donate time or items or our Fundly site to donate towards our financial needs for this important ministry to our congregation.
Please contact Stacey Murrell 804-263-5622 or or Katrina VanHuss 804-539-8173 or with any questions.
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December 2016

There’s Room at the Inn
WHEN STACEY MURRELL SAW THE story in the the Times-Dispatch, she heard the call, clear as a bell – this message was meant for New Hanover Presbyterian Church.

CARITAS had run out of options – no churches were willing to step forward and provide housing for 64 homeless men and women during the week of Christmas. When Stacey saw that story on October 2, she knew that New Hanover Presbyterian Church, a church accustomed to putting faith into action, was being called to the fore. She felt the tug that had to be the Holy Spirit telling her that her church could and would step in and fill this need. Her first call was to Mission and Outreach chairman Lee Blackburn – fine with him if the pastor was on board. One more call confirmed that, and NHPC began an remarkable journey of faith, community, trust and social media. When our 28 guests arrived on Christmas Eve, the food was ready, the furniture was positioned and the activities were organized. In the end (you might want to sit down for this one) more than 200 individuals cooperated to welcome and care for our CARITAS guests! Platters and platters of food poured in, people signed up all day on Christmas Day to make that day full of activities (and rest) and the church even had a washer and dryer installed. Would people really sacrifice time on Christmas to give to others? Answer – we had to turn them away, there were so many.

Thank You to the big three – Stacey Murrell, Katrina Van Huss and Lin Tyler – for everything you did to make this happen.


To visits the Caritas website click:  CARITAS