July 9, 2017

The Big Disappointment

You walk up to the mirror. You look deeply at the face reflected back to you.  (heavy sigh)  Who hasn’t been a disappointment to themselves or others? Certainly the Apostle Paul counted himself among the disappointment brigade! Romans 7 is a diary of his struggle to be the man he knew he wanted to be… […]

July 2, 2017

The Next Big Thing!

Is that a mood ring I see? Wait – is that really a pet rock? And Clackers? Is that you in that picture with the Cabbage Patch Kid? All we have to do is wait a few minutes and the latest in the fad-series will wash over us. Whether it is mullets or Crocs or […]

June 25, 2017

When your tastes change…

Steve Harmon won’t drink my coffee. The first time he had a cup I made, I think his reaction was… “Are you trying to kill me?” I admit, I like it kinda strong. And without cream or sugar. But it wasn’t always so. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my 30s. Before […]

June 22, 2017

New Teams & Team Leaders

The new session had their first meeting earlier this week, and teams and team leaders have been established. They are: Buildings and Grounds – Larry Diebold Communications – Christy Presseau Finance and Administration – Tom Gustafson Membership and Inclusion – (meets with Communication) Mission and Outreach – Margaret Elliott Nurture and Discipleship – John Earley Stewardship […]

June 18, 2017

The Big Ask!

For a few years I was the director of an organization that raised money for the mission college we served in Pakistan. When we were gearing up for a big fundraising visit, or sending in a large grant application, we (ungrammatically) called it “a big ask” – one that had the potential for transformation for […]

June 11, 2017

The Hidden Source

What is the true strength in Christianity and where does it come from? This week, as we install officers, we ask about the real force in Christian life – the Trinity. On this Trinity Sunday, we see how the unity of God the Father, Son and Spirit underwrites everything we possess in our faith.  Click here […]

May 28, 2017

Sunday May 28 — You Will Receive Power!

“You will receive power.” Jesus made this promise as one of the last things he said on earth. But it wasn’t just any kind of power… it was power with a purpose. The promise Jesus made in Acts 1:6-14 finds its ultimate expression in 1 Peter 4:12-19. This Sunday’s sermon, “When the Power Comes Down”, […]

May 21, 2017

Making the Unknown Known

What is the real task of the Christian in the world? Its not just being nice (which is not restricted to Christian people) or doing good things (of which every human being is capable). Our commission in the world is to make the unknown known – to reveal that earthly life has a calling and […]

May 14, 2017

A Hard Rocky Way

Head over to our sermon page to hear Dr. Johnson explain the Hard Rocky Way… When you read 1 Peter 2:18-25, you remember how long ago the Bible was written, and how different the world was in the days of Jesus and the apostles. Can a passage that says “Slaves obey your masters” have any […]

May 4, 2017

Holy Hops: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays

Holy Hops, the NHPC men’s group will now meet every FIRST & THIRD TUESDAY of the month at 6 p.m. at the Pastor’s Table. Right now, we are reading Jack Haberer’s It’s Complicated: A Guide To Faithful Decision Making. There are a couple of extra books in the office, or you can order a physical book or electronic […]

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