Posted by New Hanover Presbyterian JP

On Thursday, June 2nd, a dedicated group of 15+ from NHPC participated in the Grace Fellowship Ministry at First Baptist Church on Monument Avenue.  Every Thursday night of the year, First Baptist, with the help of local Richmond area churches, provides a hot meal to those in need.  New Hanover has been participating in this ministry, twice a year, for over 10 years.  June 2nd was the largest crowd we have ever had the privilege of serving.  We served 80+ people, and there was even enough food left over for those who wanted seconds!  What an honor it is to serve and break bread with this diverse group of people.

IMG_0998Despite the fact that Wal-Mart lost our order of 200 pieces of fried chicken 90 minutes  before we were supposed to be seating our guests, we were still able to get the food downtown on time (on 2 wheels!), with servers in place and plenty of hot, homemade dishes.  One of our guests said “You know, there was nothing good about my day so far….until I got here, tonight, with this great meal.”

The people who come to First Baptist , come for different reasons.  Some are homeless due to mental disorders; some have a home and a job but can’t afford food; and some go from shelter to shelter. But no matter what their story is, there is one thing for certain – they are all deserving of our care, time and undivided attention.  Please join us next time we participate in Grace Fellowship this fall.   Details will be announced in the church bulletin and on our website.


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