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Second Sunday Worship on December 11 will have an Advent/Christmas theme with a Celtic flavor. Focused on carol singing and worship, this service will be unlike any service you will attend this season. The service will begin at 6 p.m. and a light meal and seasonal fellowship will follow the service.
What is Celtic Worship?
It is a more experiential, quieter style of worship that emphasizes the senses and seeing God in our daily lives. This may be the most unusual – and most meaningful – worship service you have ever attended.
Why Celtic Worship?
Why are churches, including some Reformed and Presbyterian churches, adopting parts of the Celtic tradition for worship in their churches? I believe it has to do with the very “head-y”, intellectual nature of most Presbyterian worship and the need for communion with God that is more inclusive of our physical and emotional selves. Celtic worship, with its roots in the time of St. Patrick (387-461) answers this exact need.
So, the worship that Patrick helped the Celts develop was a sensual, tactile rite. Patrick even did the Druids one better: instead of seeing the action of the gods as active in the trees and mountains, God’s primary arena of activity is human beings! Instead of myth stories being told about how a god spoke through a tree long ago, Patrick’s worship stressed how God spoke to and through common people and saints every day. Celtic worship stresses prayers and liturgy that are directed toward the everyday ways that people are empowered by God – the Triune God, the only and forever God.
There are some aspects of this ancient form of faith that we will not adopt. Later Celtic worship often focused on the intercession of the saints, but this was not done in Patrick’s time. In some of the most ancient liturgy, there is a suggestion that salvation comes from people’s action on behalf of their own salvation, which we believe is a distortion of our absolute need for God.
We welcome you to join us the second Sunday night of each month at 6 p.m. for worship and a meal.