What does living in the real world mean for people of faith and good will?

What difference does belief in Jesus make in your daily life?

Having you been looking for a place to practice your faith that centers on the saving love of Jesus Christ and his call to serve the world?

Are you hoping to find a fellowship where you can be welcomed into a family of faith, whoever you are?

If these are your questions and your hopes, we think you will find your place with us at New Hanover Presbyterian Church. We are dedicated to finding thoughtful ways to understand and live out the teachings of Jesus. We do not insist on lock-step thinking or litmus-test living. We do believe that Christian faith will eventually lead us to heaven but leads us to others right now, and we seek to be a redemptive and beneficial member of our community now.

Interested? We hope you will join us for worship on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. or email me with your questions by clicking here.

Robert Johnson


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