Posted by New Hanover Presbyterian Church

For us, living where we do, to ask that question is ludicrous. We live in a place that is a constant festival of riches and even excess. We worry about the status of our 401K and making our house payment. Rare is the person in our midst who worries about food or a place to live, or, at least, a place out of the weather.

                The people Jesus saw in Matthew 14:13-21 were not like us. Even if they were well-enough off in their homes, when they followed Jesus into the wilderness to hear him teach they were suddenly in danger. There was little chance they could find someone to buy food from, and no guarantee that the peasants around them would have any extra to sell (if 10,000 people wandered into your neighborhood, hungry and thirsty, what would you do?). What does Jesus tell his followers? Something that terrified them: “…you give them something to eat.”

                What does it means to live as servants of the God who looks at impossible odds, and tells us to beat them – in His name. In addition to the Matthew reading we will also read Isaiah 55:1-5.