Hands Up Ministries, was founded to change lives by providing affordable housing opportunities for Richmond’s underserved, with the vision of strengthening families and communities one house at a time. New Hanover Presbyterian members, JT and Cassie Matthew, began the process of creating a 501c3 in 2008, and became Hands Up Ministries (HUM)  in 2009. They had learned building relationships was an essential component of providing effective mission outreach. To provide affordable housing, HUM buys the homes in cash, rehabs them with volunteer help, and expects the potential homeowner to help with renovations. HUM identifies those who want homes, can work and pay their bills and rent with the possibility to purchase the home after one year. The HUM promise is to never raise the rent, but to encourage home ownership, and to maintain a beautiful home. Cassie and JT liquidated their own IRA, since HUM had no money. They have NOT regretted a moment since – HUM has allowed them to follow their passion, which has evolved into “homeownership for the working underserved.”

New Hanover Presbyterian is a partner and supporter of HUM and their ongoing mission to build community and provide affordable housing.