Posted by New Hanover Presbyterian JP

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for worship.  What does it take to keep going on a journey to a place you want to go? To a place you aren’t very excited about, but have to go anyway? What about to a place where you knew you would suffer, bleed and die in pain? This Sunday, we will look at the Lenten destination of Dedication – What does it take to keep on going in our relationship with God? Using Jesus’ teaching in  Luke 14:25-35 we will think about the decisions we have to make, and the things we may have to let go in order to dedicate ourselves to our highest calling.Stay for refreshments and fellowship afterwards. Daylight savings time begins this Sunday, early in the morning. Please remember to set your clocks forward one hour Saturday night before going to bed so you will be on time for worship on Sunday!