Posted by New Hanover Presbyterian JP

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for worship. We talk about forgiveness all the time. How we have to forgive, what forgiveness means, when and who to forgive, how not to be a chump when you forgive… on and on. Truth is, forgiveness is really kind of opaque to most of us. This week we will look at Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness in Luke 17:1-6, and a startling passage in Daniel 9:15-23 to learn more about what the Bible means when it talks about forgiveness. There will also be a brief video presentation that will bring the concept of forgiveness home. Be there. Stay for refreshments and fellowship afterwards.Don’t forget that this Sunday we will collect for MCEF. ¬†Please consider bringing a donation of non-perishable food to help feed those in the community who are hungry.