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Lent begins this year on March 1 with the observance of Ash Wednesday.
Lent is a time that calls us to look carefully at our lives in light of God’s forgiveness of us offered in Christ Jesus. Are we the people we want to be? That God calls us to be? What habits, behaviors or attitudes must we leave behind if we truly want to follow Christ as his disciples?
Let’s not make a mistake here – Lent cannot and should not be a time where we pretend Jesus hasn’t yet suffered, been crucified and raised again. That is the wrong way to observe Lent. The right way is to remember that, day by day, Christ calls us to be his disciples in every situation and in every place. Lent helps us refocus each year on leaving behind the things that keep us from being the people God calls us to be. This year, may this Lent give us all the occasion to stop, think, repent and recommit to being the women and men God has called us to be.