Business is Business

Posted on 22 Sep 2019, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

For the final sermon in our “Summer with the Prophets” series, we are turning again to the prophet Amos, who has nagged at and pestered the status quo of societies from his own day to ours with the question – What does it mean to follow God in every way?

So many times, we (meaning people from every time, place and society) have tried to ward off the intrusion of Godly values into life with these classics: “You can’t legislate morality!” “Everybody’s doing it!” “That’s politics!”  “Well, yeah, but you should see what she did!” ”Business is Business!”  Or the classic “Well, I know what the Bible said, but…”
See Amos 8:1-7 and (with some trepidation) Luke 16:1-13 for Sunday’s sermon “Business is Business.”