Come By Night, Leave By Day

Posted on 08 Mar 2020, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

We have heard it over and over again – the story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus by night to see if he could settle, in his own mind, whether Jesus was the charlatan his religious tradition told him he must be, or the one sent from God that Jesus’ actions told him he had to be. John 3:1-17 recounts their conversation, but leaves it open to us to see how we might respond to Jesus’ reasoning.

This Sunday, our sermon “Come by Night, Leave by Day” will ask about our response to Jesus? Do we believe in the whole “second birth” thing? John doesn’t say what Nicodemus decided about Jesus at the end of their nighttime visit. But that is not what John thought was important anyway. The question is how will WE respond?

Be with us this Sunday at 9:30 for worship.