Does God care…

Posted on 23 Jul 2019, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

Does God care about justice for the poor? About honesty in business? About our attitudes toward things like caring, compassion and integrity?

Well… Duh!
Of course!! That we would be in an age where these questions should even have to be asked is a travesty. This week, we look back to two of our Biblical forebears who addressed just these kinds of questions, showing that these questions have been around a long, long time. The first is a prophet named Amos, who saw the worldly quest for MORE eating away at the Godly attitude of compassion for those who had less – and erupted with Godly fury. The second is a guy named Jesus, who understood the presence of those in need, not as an inconvenience or an insult, but as a call to generosity and sacrifice. See Amos 8:1-8 and Matthew 25:31-46.