Faith in Nonsense

Posted on 02 Feb 2020, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

Most of us will spend considerable effort not to seem foolish. Even though most of us can never pull off being “suave, smooth and debonair”, we will go to some lengths not to be laughed at. So, it is a big surprise to hear the Apostle Paul saying that the preaching of the cross is “foolishness”.

What? That is what we are trying to avoid! And Paul embraces it?

We live in a world that has heard preaching about Jesus and his work for two millennia now, but if we no longer hear the preaching about the cross as foreign and audacious we rob this message of its power. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 1:18-31, as well as Matthew 5:1-12 to think about what it means to have “Faith in Nonsense”, and how it can change our – and others’ – lives.