Love It Or Leave It

Posted on 07 Jul 2019, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

What does it mean to be a patriot?
Part of it must mean that we bring our best, our “A” game s to this place we live, and to our fellow citizens who share this place with us.
But, as Christians, we have a different standard for that “A” game. We believe that the best we can ever bring is to let the world hear what we have heard in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the highest and best we can offer.

In our sermon “Love It Or Leave It” we look at what it means to love our country as those who first allegiance is to the Gospel, and what are some of the things that we have to leave if we are to be faithful to our highest and first call. See Deuteronomy 30:15-30, Psalm 82 and Luke 10:25-37.