Now You Gone to Meddlin’

Posted on 03 Feb 2019, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

Leave it to Jesus to spoil a mood.

There was Jesus teaching in the synagog in his hometown – Nazareth (he was a transient visitor in Bethlehem as you recall) and people were amazed at his poise, his wisdom, his expertise…. until…

Until he told his homeys that their least favorite neighbors may be the ones who might be as much in line for God’s love and favor as they were. The good citizens of Nazareth cancelled the ticker-tape parade and began looking for a nice high cliff to throw their favorite son from.

This Sunday, as we looked at Luke 4:16-30 (along with the love chapter from 1 Corinthians 13 and the calling of the prophet Jeremiah) we  marveled together over Jesus’ skill in never leaving well enough alone, because it was never all that well in the first place.


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