The Pitiful People

Posted on 21 Apr 2019, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson


What is it with Christians and the Resurrection?

In New Testament days, people thought the Christians, were about a new god when they talked about “Anastasis” – the Greek word for resurrection that they had never heard before. Today, people scoff and laugh about any possibility of a resurrection from the dead. Do we really need something so nonsensical at the heart of our faith

Today on Easter day (April 21), we saw Paul’s reason for not just defending the resurrection, but for putting it at the very heart of Christian faith. We read 1 Corinthians 15:12-29, along with John 20:1-18 to find out why Christians would be The Pitiable People if they stopped believing in the resurrection – and how Resurrection faith can enliven a faithless and aimless world.