The Pushmi-Pullyu Fellowship

Posted on 26 Jan 2020, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

When Hugh Lofting was imagining animals to which the hero of his Dr. Doolittle series would talk, he mainly stuck to versions of animals we all know. The one exception was the pushmi-pullyu, a gazelle-unicorn cross that had a gazelle head at one end and a unicorn head at the other (best not to ask too many questions at this point). While the pushmi-pullyu seemed to have had the two heads thing worked out, the church can often be… less than successful in moderating its own internal disagreements with the many heads it has thinking, talking and trying to make decisions together!

This week, in The Pushmi-Pullyu Fellowship, Robert will look at one of the most infamous pushmi-pullyu fellowships of all time – the church at Corinth. In fact, the reason Paul wrote his first letter to that church is stated in 1 Corinthians 1:10-18.

Join us as we consider what God might be saying to us and our fellowship, Sunday morning at 9:30 for worship.