When Will They Get Here?

Posted on 22 May 2018

You know that feeling…Someone is coming to visit – someone special! That package that you have been waiting for forever is supposed to be here any day. The cable guy is supposed to be there between 3-5, and its now 3:56! That feeling. The first grandchild is due – NOW, and you couldn’t be there, and your phone won’t ring. The doctor is coming to your examination room to give you what you all expect will be good news – if she ever gets there. That email – the one you hope will end the fight and alienation – you keep check your phone, and still…

That feeling. Today, we learned from the Apostle Paul that this sense of yearning is not limited just to a few days every now and then, but “the whole creation yearns together with eager longing…”

For you and me?

Is that possible? On Pentecost Sunday we found that the birthday of the church is not just for the church. John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15, Acts 2:1-21 and Romans 8:18-27.