Who Will Repair the Breach

Posted on 09 Feb 2020, Pastor: Dr. Robert Johnson

This week we will recognize Troop and Pack 555, our scouting units here at New Hanover, on Scout Sunday! Scouts and adult leaders from both the Troop and Pack will participate with us in the service, and provide leadership and assistance in ushering. Please welcome our scouts to worship!

Just as scouts are called to “Be Prepared” and (from the Scout Law) to “help others at all times,” there is the same undeniable strand in Christian life that we are called to do the exact same things! Be Prepared, because we know neither the day or the hour when either the Saviour will appear, or when he comes to us in the guise of the needy, the troubled, the friendless or the terrorized. So, when the prophet Isaiah looked forward to the day when there would be “repairers of the breach” – of the gaps in the city walls, he believed that would happen when people cared, again, for one another. (Isaiah 58:10)

This week, in “Who Will Repair the Breach” we will look together at a selection of scriptures (James 1:22-27 , Psalm 112 , Luke 6:27-38 and Isaiah 58:1-12) to understand that there is no nation, or church, to defend until justice and compassion for people become its motivating force.

Join us for this special day at NHPC at 9:30 a.m.