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For our third Social Justice Series session, Colonel David Hines, Sheriff of Hanover County, along with Major Mike Trice, will lead our presentation sharing with us how their office advocates, trains, and integrates social justice into their daily operations as it applies to the high risk high needs groups such as ex-offenders, homeless, mentally ill, seniors, and juveniles living in Hanover County. Included in Colonel Hines and Major Trice’s presentation, they will share with us what social justice efforts they have found to work best and why these partnerships are so invaluable not only to those receiving the benefits of the numerous programs sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office, but also for the community at-large. Finally, Colonel Hines and Major Trice will introduce opportunities for us to consider how we might partner with the Sheriff’s Office in their continued efforts to interject social justice in their daily operations, as they work to achieve the Office’s Mission, Commitment, and Passion (
Please join us on November 16 at 6 p.m., for dinner, fellowship, and an evening filled with opportunity to learn what is happening within our community and how we might consider becoming involved.  The cost is $6 and you can make a reservation at