2021 Adult Sunday School Fall Series

We are starting the fall season for Sunday School, on September 12, 2021. This is one of our small group meetings, where people gather to discuss issues relating to our faith and life. The general topic, for the next several months, will focus on the Gospel of Mark.

This Gospel was written at a time of distress: members were suffering conflict from the surrounding Roman empire. These early Christians must have been asking: “Why is this happening to us?” After all, they were faithful in following Christ, so why all the persecution and the poverty and the isolation? Into this situation, the author of Mark posed answers…answers that we can apply to our lives when we are suffering and isolated.

Come join us as we explore Mark’s answers, and how they can change our lives. We meet directly after church at 10:45 a.m., in Laburnum Commons. A ZOOM link will also be available for those wishing to participate remotely. Visitors are most welcome. If you would like to be ZOOMed in, contact the church office and we will put you on the email list.

We are looking to team-teach this topic and are in search of volunteers to teach. Please contact Eric Douglass or the church office if you are interested. And thank you in advance for making this a vibrant part of our church life.