You Have One Week

I wonder how we would react if the doctor walked into the exam room and gave us that news.

You have one week.

I wonder how we would react if the doctor walked into the exam room and gave us that news. Or the prison warden. Or the army colonel forecasting when the offensive putting your company at the murderous front line might begin.

You have one week.

What would pop into your mind as being of absolute first priority to get done before the week ended. Call loved ones? Parcel out your belongings? Call the accountant and the lawyer and “get your affairs in order?” Drop to your knees and make sure you were right with God?

Today marks the time Jesus was told – “You have one week.” He knew it, could feel it. Every move he made, every person he met, every thing he said had the weight of destiny tied to them, making even joyous occasions, like the Triumphal entry with its waving  palms and cheering crowds filled with pathos. 

You have one week.

Over the next six days we will think together about the last days of Jesus of Nazareth before he went to his execution at Golgatha. Unlike us, however, his last days were filled with one thought – of fulfilling the destiny that had brought him to earth in the first place: accomplishing our salvation. What can you do with one week? Maybe change the course of human history.


About The Author

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is the pastor of the New Hanover Presbyterian Church - and feels blessed to be there! “New Hanover is a uniquely caring and close community” said Dr. Johnson. “Serving here has been a great privilege for me, and has given me a real sense of joy in ministry!” Robert has been at NHPC since 2015. Before serving this congregation, he was a parish pastor in Ohio and Virginia, a theologian in the Office of Theology and Worship of the PC(USA), and a missionary in Pakistan where he was a college and seminary professor. Originally from the Great State of Texas, he has degrees from Austin College, Princeton Theological Seminary and holds the Ph.D. from Union Seminary in Virginia. Robert enjoys cooking, travel, reading up in World and National affairs and playing at singing, guitar, bass guitar and trombone. His wife of 36 years, Marianne Vermeer, is the Chief Administrative and Financial Officer for the Medicines for All Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University. They have two adult sons, Nathan and Peter and an elderly dog named Cinnamon.

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